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What the First Mac “Ransomware” Means

“Macs don’t get malware.” Right? Wrong. It’s never really been true, but far too many people still complacently believe it – and put their data at risk. The truth is that not only do viruses and malware targeted at Macs exist, Mac malware is on the rise and will only continue to get more prevalent [...]

The Computer Gnome Windows 10 Review, Pt. 3: Chock-full of Features!

Hey, just what is a "chock" anyway, and why is it always full? Hmm. In part 2 of our Windows 10 review, we took a broad-strokes look at how Microsoft has made Windows 10 a big improvement over its predecessor, Windows 8, by re-emphasizing use on “traditional” PC’s and scaling back or refining the “Modern”-style [...]

The Gnome Knows: Windows 10 Upgrades

Microsoft is making a big change to the way it does business with the product at the core of its business: the Windows operating system. You might even say it’s the end of Windows as we know it. We’re a little over a week away from the official launch day of Windows 10, and [...]

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